© 2023 Noémie PULIDO – Création Digital Skylines, Contentactic & Noémie PULIDO
© 2023 Noémie PULIDO – Création Digital Skylines, Contentactic & Noémie PULIDO

Mural Fresco

Mural Fresco Painter: Transform Your Spaces!

Looking for a painter for your mural fresco? Perfect timing! I’m Noémie, a professional illustrator and graphic designer. 👋🏼 I started mural painting in 2023, but I’ve always loved working with materials and bringing my works to life.

What excites me about my work as a mural painter? Changing people’s daily lives through my art, creating different interior or exterior spaces that make them travel, think, and dream with open eyes… Whether it’s your living room, your premises, the street you walk down to go to work, feel free to tell me about your project!

I have a mural project

Individual, company... Why hire a mural painter?

To energize your interior or exterior spaces?

To brighten not only your rooms, your premises, a street… but also the people who pass by?

To give the impression of enlarging a space (or making it more interactive)?

If you love decorating or creating welcoming spaces, hiring a mural painter will undoubtedly make you happy! Below are some examples of mural fresco applications: let yourself be inspired…

Energize a coworking space or an office

Create a welcoming, positive, and dynamic space for your collaborators. Choosing a mural fresco for your premises also allows you to reflect your company’s culture.

Create a playful space for children

Create a dream space for your little ones! Whether at school, in daycare, or in their room, they can let their imagination run wild, accompanied by their favorite heroes, colors, and activities! I especially enjoy creating illustrations related to the theme of childhood, and I think my colorful style suits it well. So don’t hesitate to contact me about this.

Enhance the identity of a bar, restaurant, or store

With a unique mural fresco, you can make a lasting impression on your customers and stand out. Colors, shapes, patterns… the choice of these elements helps to reinforce your brand image and convey your values to your clientele.

Customize a garage, door, or wall (interior or exterior)

Whether you’re an individual or a professional, why not add a more personal touch to certain places or rooms? For the simple pleasure of adding lovely illustrations to your daily life!

Personalize your decorative objects and furniture!

Want to beautify your furniture and decorative objects (tables, shelves, chairs, mirrors…)? Surround yourself with illustrations that make you feel at home! This is also an ideal solution if you want to give a gift to a loved one: the personalized touch will undoubtedly leave an impression.

The Mural Puzzle Challenge: An original concept I created to revolutionize the use of mural frescos

I created this concept because I am passionate about painting and escape games. The goal? To make mural frescos more interactive and playful, giving them a game dimension. The concept is based on a puzzle game directly integrated into the fresco and playable with a smartphone. We create the game tailored to your desires. Examples of applications: For municipalities to boost tourism, for game bars that want to offer a different gaming method, for restaurants that want to stand out with a unique concept to entertain their customers, for festivals or events that want to develop a unique experience… etc.! In short, many possible uses!

Find out more about the ‘Puzzle Mural Challenge’ concept

From inspiration to a few brush strokes: our collaboration step by step

How does my mural fresco creation process work? It’s simple and structured:

1/ We arrange an initial meeting to clearly understand your needs: the room or exterior to be decorated, your expectations in terms of styles and designs, your budget…

2/ I create a mood board of different designs, styles, and models to inspire your project.

3/ I make a pencil drawing to define the elements of the fresco, their color, and their placement. I send you this first proposal so you can give me your feedback (I usually include 1 round of feedback, to avoid more to preserve the initial creative work).

4/ Using Procreate, I create the digital drawing on my tablet (my adventure companion!). And one last validation phase together!

5/ Armed with my brushes and the paints we selected together (bio-sourced, acrylic…), I come to your place and create your mural fresco in full size!

N.B.: the overall completion time (step 1 to 5) is about 3 weeks. Project start times, however, range from 1 to 6 months depending on my current schedule.

We might get along well if... (No, nothing to do with your astrological sign)


You are looking for a professional, young, dynamic, and passionate mural painter.


What you’re looking for is a creative, fresh, and colorful touch. My philosophy: color = happiness!


You are environmentally conscious and considering using eco-friendly, bio-sourced paints to protect your children or make a small gesture for the planet 🌱


You need someone flexible: I adapt to paint choices, your tastes, and as much as possible to budget constraints!

They chose my services and tell you more!

We’re delighted with the mural Noémie did on the front of our hotel. Her work is remarkable, and the collaboration with us was pleasant and fluid, as we were involved in every stage of the mural’s creation. We highly recommend her talent for any artistic project.

Tee, manager of the Ban Suan hotel (Thailand)

Thank you Noémie for the fresco on our garage door, we really want to go and work on it now!We’re delighted with this collaboration and won’t hesitate to recommend Noémie if someone we know wants to do a fresco.

Valérie, private individual

Artist & mural painter: when travel feeds the work

Want to find out more about my work, my style and my sources of inspiration? Off you go!


They are my trademark, but also what inspires me daily: each palette can make my mind travel and give me original ideas for my designs. No worries if you like simplicity though: I also know how to work with designs with few colors.


It majorly influences my art. Asia in particular (Japan, Thailand, Vietnam), but also Spain, Italy, Scotland… It’s by having the chance to live in new countries and familiarizing myself with these new cultures that I feed my creativity and artistic work.

Everyday details

I note them down carefully. Having new eyes, looking at everything from a new angle (especially in a new country), allows me to learn and marvel at small things sometimes, which I transcribe into my illustrations.


Beautiful landscapes, plants, flowers, fruits, animals are often very aesthetic to draw and sometimes very colorful. They often feed my creativity because I love representing them!

Tight budget?
Opt for a unique concept I created: the "flash mural"

A « flash mural », what is it exactly? You know the concept of pre-drawn « flash tattoos » by the tattoo artist that just needs to be adopted? It’s the same thing, but in the context of a mural fresco. In short:

  • I create drawings without a specific brief, with my own inspiration, which I make available in my highlights on Instagram.
  • You like one of these drawings and want to adopt it to decorate your walls.
  • We set a price (quite attractive!) and an appointment (these are usually small projects that I can complete in a maximum of 2 days).
  • Once you have adopted it, the design disappears from my stories. That way, no one else will have the same mural painting as you.
I spotted a flash fresco on Instagram: get in touch

Tell me about your

Ready to add a touch of color/fun/originality to your spaces? Write to me via the contact form below to ask your questions, get a quote, or tell me about your project! I look forward to reading you and accompanying you in the realization of your mural fresco 😊

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